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Magna sivananda Yoga

at the barn zeals &

Frome sivananda yoga

frome yoga studio, welsh mill, frome

Re-Energise, Rejuvenate, Restore, Relax, & Re-Balance..

aspire to that Inner Equilibrium

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A new sense of Inner Self-Awareness &

Self Realisation awaits you through your path in Yoga & Meditation

to a new sense of well being .....

Give your life a new awareness, develop positive thinking, an inner radiant

sense of well being & good health and inner peace & calm through the

practice of ancient yogic techniques for a new balanced living..

Encompass a unique experience with Ma
gnaYoga, @ The Barn, Zeals & Frome Yoga at The Frome Yoga Studio, The Welshmill, Frome, Somerset

Magna Sivananda Yoga & Frome Sivananda Yoga provides a calming space at The Barn and at the new Frome Yoga Studio for you to experience a sense of Solace and Calm and to Re-energise, Rejuvenate, and Restore through Yoga and Meditation.

Come and enjoy the rejuvenating energy of daytime classes,
or gentle restorative calming remedial classes providing solace for you. 

Mellow calming classes in the evenings to restore..
Meditation classes to aspire & enhance in ones self study in focus and Meditation & Mantras.

Explorative Yoga and meditation Retreats and workshop afternoons.. 
an array of times days, evenings, afternoon retreats and weekend workshops to choose from .. 

Yoga and Meditation is taught by Suzanne, currently at The Barn, Zeals in a lovely new barn studio on a wednesday morning and evening class with therapies offered in between the day and early evening.

From October 2015 Suzanne will be teaching a full array of classes and private one to ones and therapies at the wonderful newly renovated light beamed loft space overlooking Frome -
The Frome Yoga Studio,
The Welsh Mill, Parkhill Drive,
Frome, Somerset all week as well as weekends.
See forthcoming timetable on the website under classes www.magnayoga.co.uk  .
Suzanne provides private and general sessions in Yoga, Meditation and Reiki which can channel spiritual natural energies of Prana, and Ki for the benefit and invigoration of the recipient generating a feeling of re-energising combined with a deep relaxation calm.
Suzanne is also a Reiki Master and provides private Reiki Therapy Treatments as well as PrivateTuition in Reiki attunement courses 1 & 11. Contact Suzanne for details.

Suzanne also provides private Holistic Therapies - see Therapies offered contact Suzane for details. 

For Now is the Present.....
A Gift..Find that time for your Health and your well being..to restore..
Mind Body and Soul..

'Health is wealth..
Peace of Mind is Happiness..
Yoga shows the way'.... Swami Vishnu-Divananda


Yoga provides the stillness to experience who you truly are..

Come and experience for yourself at The Barn, Zeals now and from October 2015 book in at
The Frome Yoga Studio, Welsh Mill, Frome, Somerset

A warm welcome awaits you 

Suzanne Powell (nee Thompson)

Founder & Director of Magna Yoga, and Frome Yoga
& Principal Hatha Sivananda Yoga Teacher
& Reiki Master 
& Therapist

Also wonderful Holistic therapies are available to enhance your well being such as Reiki,Indian Head Massage, Holistic aromatherapy massage and treatments.

Contact Suzanne who will personally offer advice to assist to find that class, workshop or retreat or therapy to suit your personal requirements ..
whether you are a beginner to yoga and meditation,
or looking to deepen your personal practice,
or requiring restoration during or following health issues..

Magna Yoga & Frome Yoga & Meditation & Therapies are truly for all...

to all that may ensue on your path...
to a new sense of well-being...

Suzanne will guide you gently to Trust the Process...

'What you are seeking is seeking you'.........Rumi

'Be the Change that you Wish to See'........Gandhi

Jinny Light Sunday Times Travel Journalist kindly wrote when attending a private retreat with Suzanne at Magna Yoga ....

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for hosting Sophie and I this weekend. It was a wonderful experience doing yoga classes at Magna Yoga  - we left feeling utterly relaxed and rejuvenated -
My article is live now on the new thetimes.co.uk website:"

Jinny also kindly added. in her article in the Sunday Times.....

"The Magna Yoga Sanctuary in Fontmell Magna opened in the spring and is part community project, part enterprise. It is owned by Suzanne Thompson, who painstakingly restored the former chapel and school with her husband and has created an extraordinary retreat.

The cavernous chapel makes for an inspiring yoga room with light streaming in through vast long windows on two sides and the room scattered with cushions, candles on candelabra, eastern figurines and flowers.

Suzanne’s Sivananda style yoga is similar to Hatha yoga, with a series of positions to work through, but with a strong focus on the meditative side. Even novices to yoga could not fail to find some spiritual healing in Suzanne’s soft voice and pitch-perfect chanting that is accentuated by the great hall’s wonderful acoustics.

We had two afternoon sessions during the weekend and left feeling gently stretched, utterly relaxed and serene."


Come and experience for yourself with Suzanne intuitively guiding you through Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Therapies.....all awaits you at the new Frome Yoga Studio....
Retreats and Workshops